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AIA Triangle’s CANstruction at Raleigh Union Station

AIA is hosting their CANstruction at Raleigh’s Union Station this year.

What is it?

CANstruction’s mission is to provide hunger relief assistance by collecting canned food for distribution to local food banks while promoting the design/build industry. CANstruction hosts competitions, exhibitions, and events showcasing colossal structures made entirely of full cans of food. After the structures are built, the creations are on display to the public as a giant art exhibition. Participants include teams of architects, engineers, contractors, designers, and students attending schools of architecture, engineering, and design.

The theme for CANstruction this year was TRANSPORTATION promoting awareness of public/alternative transportation in our local community.

Want to host an event at Raleigh Union Station?  Contact [email protected] for more assistance and check out our Corporate Events Gallery for more photos!

Events at Raleigh Union Station Persevere

The venue space at Raleigh Union Station (RUS) may not be able to hold large events due to Governor Cooper’s capacity restrictions to slow the spread of COVID, but that has not stopped our events team. RUS has been able to reschedule most of the 2020 events for 2021 and continues to book new events.  The events scheduled for 2021 are mostly social (i.e. weddings) and we anticipate that  social events will outnumber corporate events next year.  Too many weddings have been postponed!

While they wait for a return of events, Karen Clymer, York Event Coordinator, in partnership with Richard Costello, City of Raleigh, have focused on strategic marketing efforts.  The duo approached local production companies to pitch RUS as a cool backdrop for commercials.  IBM was the first locally-produced spot and several others are scheduling.  In addition, RUS produced their own venue photo shoot with photographer Richard Barlow and 20 local vendors. The images from the photoshoot will be seen in a full-page ad in Heart of NC Weddings Magazine, Walter Magazine and WRAL online.  Karen and Richard  also filmed a venue tour with Thomas Blake Films, who filmed York’s Christmas Car Karaoke video last year.

So don’t wait if you’re thinking about booking Union Station for an event next year!

Welcoming The Wade – Raleigh’s Newest Condominium

Beacon Street Hits the Mark

From the Triangle to NCs inner coastal communities, Beacon Street Development has made a name for itself by designing and developing traditional, high-end condominiums like Fairview Row and waterfront neighborhoods like Moss Landing. Its design approach is inspired by great places and architecture, contextualized to create livability and enduring value for its neighbors.

Beacon Streets newest project is The Wade, a twenty-nine unit condominium situated on the edge of Hayes Barton neighborhood within walking distance of Cameron Village and Fletcher Park in Raleigh. York is pleased to manage The Wades Condominium Association. The Wade began welcoming residents in November 2019 and currently has only 4 residences remaining.

Condos during COVID – A Tough Sell?

Condominium development in Raleigh, generally, has historically been a hurdle. The last condo boom was right before the great recession when several projects had to convert to apartments or sell in foreclosure. Today, a world-wide pandemic offers new challenges to condominium ownership, even in a hot housing market.

However, according to Justin Hime, Assistant Project Manager for the Wade, sales have been steady at The Wade, even enjoying an uptick during the summer. Residents have formed bubble communities with each other – taking advantage of the ownersretreat, rooftop terrace garden and private balconies for socially-distanced small gatherings.  In many ways the condominiums residents feel safer and less isolated than if they were living in single family homes. The pandemic has also brought a few college-aged kids and young adults back under their parentsroofs, filling up those second and third bedrooms.

When asked about the mix of residents, Hime reported that about 50% of the residents are from the area or have family here and the other 50% were swayed by Raleighs accolades to relocate. Hime also mentioned there is a healthy mix of young professionals, empty nesters and retirees that makes for great, supportive inter-generational living and friendships.

Its a Dogs Life

The buildings two much-beloved dogs are local celebrities with the residents and enjoy not one, but two, dog runs along with a dog wash (which is probably less enjoyed). Other building amenities include a fitness center– where residents take turns to keep everyone safe and the rooftop terrace peaking over trees to Raleighs downtown skyline. And of course, the location, is a big draw.

We are pleased to welcome The Wade to York and we thank Justin Hime for sharing insights.


TBJ Showcases York Standard’s New Venture

As financial challenges continue to sweep  across the region, a pair of Raleigh firms have launched a new venture to serve as a one-stopshop for all things related to distressed commercial real estate.

York Properties Inc. and Standard Title Company have announced the launch of York Standard Asset Management Company, a joint
venture providing services for the handling of distressed commercial real estate, from receivership and active management to brokerage and more.

Link to TBJ’s Article

CDC’S Top Considerations for Reopening Your Office

Create a COVID-19 Workplace Health and Safety Plan

A written policy provides workers a sense of comfort knowing that the business owner has assessed the physical structure to see if it’s ready for occupancy and provides guidance on who should return to work and how they should act once there.

The plan should address:

  • Mechanical and life safety systems
  • Any hazards that could have arisen with a prolonged shutdown such as mold growth, pests or stagnant water
  • Ways to increase circulation of outdoor air and to increase total airflow supply to occupied spaces
  • Water systems safety
  • Hazard identification that could increase risks of COVID-19 transmission
  • Communication plans for how to act in common areas and meeting rooms
  • Seats, furniture and workstation placement and/or transparent shields installation that helps maintain social distancing
  • Signage, tape marks or other visual cues to encourage distancing
  • Replacement of high-touch communal items with pre-packaged, single-serving items
  • Encouraging workers to take responsibility to stay home if sick or exposed to COVID-19
  • Staggered shifts, start and break times to reduce number of employees in common areas
  • Policies for visitors such as cloth face coverings and/or notification of visit
  • Increased disinfection rotation for high-touch surfaces


For more information about these and other ideas, please visit the CDC’s Employer Information for Office Buildings website.

CDC Issues Guidance About Opening Pools

From Our Friends at Jordan Price Law Firm:

While none of us has a crystal ball, some public statements this week from NCDHHS lead us to anticipate that pools will be allowed to open during Phase II of NC’s reopening, and the conditions are yet to be defined.  The link here to the just-published CDC guidance for operating HOA pools this summer is a great tool for HOA managers and boards to start thinking about pool operations, as North Carolina is likely to require compliance with CDC guidance in this area.

We know many of you are apprehensive about how to comply with rules that seem so far afield from what you are set up to do at your community pool.  We want to emphasize that the key to compliance is reasonableness.  The policy goal for changing pool rules and methods of operation is not strictly to abide by a state mandate – the overarching goal is to prevent the spread of the disease.  Keeping that in mind and recognizing that there are certainly limitations to the ability to enforce every guideline in every situation is a reasonable and justifiable approach.

We fully anticipate situations arising this summer where owners who are fearful of community spread of COVID-19 will call the police or health department to report violations of social distancing and gathering limitation rules at the pool or other common areas.  We believe we will be able to work through those issues with the health department and avoid shut downs if the board has a reasonable plan in place for enforcement.  By reasonable, we definitely are not recommending physical confrontations to enforce social distancing or a physical confrontation to force someone to leave the pool.  But the HOA does have reasonable enforcement tools in its arsenal for levying fines and revoking pool privileges after due process.  Those enforcement tools will only be available if you adopt specific rules that owners are expected to follow at the pool – and those are going to be different than the rules you used last summer.  By demonstrating to the local health department that the HOA board (1) has adopted appropriate rules; (2) is tracking noncompliance with periodic drive-bys or acting on owner complaints with evidence as to owners are recklessly disregarding the rules; and (3) is acting to impose consequences for violations, we would hope to work cooperatively with the health department to avoid a shut down in the event they do receive reports of gathering limitation or social distancing violations.

We have attached some suggested disclaimer language for posting signage at the pool entrance and entrances to pool restrooms.  We would also recommend posting safety signs at the facility such as those referenced in the CDC link above.  Including this language in your rules addendum for this summer and on any correspondence you send (by mail or digitally) is also recommended.  If you plan on using sign-up genius or another online reservation system for designated times that members can reserve their spot at the pool, adding this disclaimer language to the registration link would be ideal.  While we have been asked by a number of clients whether they should have every owner using the pool sign a waiver, the disclaimer language posted prominently as we have described is a much more logistically feasible solution, allowing managers and pool personnel to focus on other aspects of pool safety rather than chasing down and tracking those individually signed forms.  Operating a pool always imposes some liability, but we believe posting this signage is a good step toward providing some liability protection.

We have spent a lot of time in our office thinking through possible scenarios posed by managers, board members and pool professionals, as well as ideas we have researched from across the country.  Ultimately, we find it is difficult to create pool rules which are one size fits all, and we certainly would want you to tailor your rules to the guidance that comes out with any new Executive Order or a more restrictive county or municipal order.  We encourage each of your communities to have a “2020 Pool Rules Addendum” reviewed by legal counsel, published to the entire membership, and displayed prominently at the facility prior to opening of any pool.

Spring Maintenance for Building/Home Exteriors Available!

Noticing some exterior projects that need attention as you’re working from home?

York Maintenance is on the job and ready to tackle your commercial and residential projects!  Tell us about your maintenance needs.

Spring Exterior Services Offered

  • Domestic and irrigation back flow testing
  • Repair leaking/dripping hose bibs
  • Exterior lighting repairs and light bulb changing
  • Install/replace weather proof outlet covers
  • Storm and screen door repairs
  • Window screen replacements
  • Secure loose shutters
  • Replace porch ceiling fans

Client in the News: Carolina Small Business Development Fund

The Carolina Small Business Development Fund is playing an extremely important role in the Covid-19 crisis for small businesses. The Fund offers affordable financing for small and medium-sized businesses, holistic technical assistance (including disaster recovery), and evidence-based economic development research.

The Triangle Business Journal published “Economic Damage in NC due to COVID-19? Here’s an estimate” on April 7, 2020 highlighting the Fund’s recent research report,  Assessing the Economic Impacts of COVID-19 on North Carolina’s Small Business Community.

The Fund has also compiled a list of COVID-19 related grants and resources for entrepreneurs and small businesses affected by crisis.

Tenant broker Robert Hoyt is proud to be representing the Fund in its Headquarters lease extension so it can continue to serve more North Carolina small businesses in their recovery from the pandemic.

Union Hall in the News

Union Hall in the news