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For more than 35 years York Security has provided a full range of security services to commercial, residential and industrial clients across North Carolina. Whether long or short-term, uniformed or plain-clothes, armed or unarmed, in vehicles or on foot patrol, York offers security programs tailored to meet your unique needs. Our customized approach results in high levels of client retention and satisfaction. We take pride in being problem solvers, skilled in conflict management and communication. We’re here to serve.


Secure construction sites during and after hours.


Secure construction sites during and after hours

Construction sites are often areas of high crime, including theft and quality-of-life violations. York Security will reduce stress (and liability) by keeping your worksite secure.

  • Access control for all vendors
  • Installation and monitoring of four tracking systems
  • Detailed security patrol reports
  • After-hours monitoring
  • Routine foot patrols by uniformed officers
  • Routine vehicle patrols by marked vehicles
Wind and Solar Renewable Energy Projects

Protect renewable energy fields and equipment.

Wind and Solar Renewable Energy Projects

Protecting renewable energy fields and equipment

Containing millions of dollars in sophisticated equipment and providing an important source of domestic energy, renewable energy is critical to our national security. Our vehicle and officer patrols will be a visible deterrent to any threats.

  • Routine vehicle patrols by marked vehicles
  • Routine food patrols by uniformed officers
  • After-hours monitoring
  • Detailed security patrol reports
Warehouse & Industrial

Ensure your inventory is secure.

Warehouse & Industrial

Securing your inventory

York Security can protect your warehouse inventory from employee theft to breaking and entering by identifying unique security risks associated with your location and property layout.

  • Foot patrols by uniformed officers
  • Onsite security coverage
  • Vendor access control
  • After-hours monitoring
  • Ingress/egress control
Shopping Centers

Provide a range of services from theft protection to helping a lost child.

Shopping Centers

Keeping your center safe and welcoming

With large open areas, multiple entrances and exits, and crowds, shopping centers provide unique challenges.

Our officers are trained to be both a comforting and friendly presence and a deterrent to crime and destructive behavior.

  • Evaluate existing security measures from camera and alarm systems to traffic flow and emergency procedures
  • Detailed security patrol reports
  • After-hours monitoring
  • Routine foot patrols by uniformed officers
  • Routine vehicle patrols by marked vehicles
Office Buildings

Partner with corporate clients to protect property and employees.

Office Buildings

Partnering with corporate clients to protect property and employees

Understanding warning signs for workplace violence is critical to protecting your employees.

Workplace incidents can come from a variety of sources including high-risk terminations, disgruntled employees or domestic violence situations. Our professionals instill a security consciousness in your corporate culture through education and the development of emergency protocols.

  • Security Assessment
  • Secrurity Workshops
  • Crisis Management Program
  • Employee Escorts
Apartment Communities

Control access and be the eyes on the community.

Apartment Communities

Controlling access and being the eyes on the community

Trained to look for suspicious activities, respond to quality-of-life issues and ensure the safety of your residents, our officers create a harmonious community for your residents.

  • Routine foot patrols by uniformed officers
  • Routine vehicle patrols by marked vehicles
  • Access control solutions implementation
Residential and Homeowners Associations

Patrol communities and reduce property crime.

Residential and Homeowners Associations

Patrolling communities and reducing property crime

York Security helps ensure the safety of neighborhood residents and guests by offering services tailored to the community's needs.

Depending on your particular HOA situation, we can provide a discreet or high-visibility presence for board meetings. We patrol pools, common areas, etc. – whatever is needed to maintain peace and harmony.

  • High-visibility community patrols
  • Swimming Pool Security
  • Parking Regulation Enforcement
  • Covenant Enforcement
  • Manage quality of life issues (noise complaints, etc)
  • Ingress/egress control (Guard Stations)
  • Problem solving and consulting
  • Security assessments
  • Theft and property crime prevention
Mobile Patrol

Provide professional security presence through 24-hour mobile patrol in marked vehicles with uniformed officers.

Mobile Patrol

Providing 24-hour mobile patrol in marked vehicles and uniformed officers to ensure professional security presence

York has a variety of marked patrol cars and 4x4 vehicles with uniformed officers to ensure a professional security presence for any property.

Vehicles are equipped for most situations with first aid and emergency items. We’ll patrol your site or property on a schedule that meets your needs.

Mobile patrols can include:

  • Lighting inspection and reports
  • Ticketing and towing services
  • Safety escorts
  • Response to noise complaints
  • Vandalism and theft prevention
  • Lockout response
  • Trespassing patrol and prevention
  • Bicycle patrol
  • Routine physical checks of door and entryways
Alarm and Fire Panel Response

Undertake comprehensive property checks following an alarm.

Alarm and Fire Panel Response

Comprehensive property checks following an alarm

York Security offers alarm and fire panel response for all property types.

Our officers are trained on how to identify and approach suspicious vehicles and persons. We provide protection for the property owner and the alarm company from costly false alarm fines imposed by law enforcement in major municipalities.

  • Building perimeter inspection upon first response
  • Thorough examination of property doors and windows for signs of entry
  • Interior building inspection per client agreement
Assessments and Training

Assess corporate risk and provide workplace violence training.

Assessments and Training

Assessing corporate risk and providing workplace violence training

York Security offers assessments and training to keep your property and employees safe from harm.

Property assessments evaluate the physical vulnerability of your property to determine security improvement measures. Training educates employees on prevention and response techniques for any workplace incident.

  • Property surveys evaluate lighting, fencing, landscaping, door locks, ingress/egress protocols, security systems
  • Security workshops train and educate management and staff to identify and address workplace security situations
Hotels & Motels

Secure lobbies and respond to disruptions.

Hotels & Motels

Keeping lobbies and common areas safe and welcoming

To help maintain a safe and welcoming environment, York Security provides security personnel in lobbies and common areas and responds to guest complaints.

  • Interior and exterior foot patrols by uniformed officers
  • Uniformed responses to quality of life issues
  • Monitoring and reporting on liability concerns around the property
  • Uniformed security presence for lobbies and other common areas
Special Events

Monitor ticketed patrons and provide foot patrol during events.

Special Events

Guest safety and well-being is paramount to the success of a special event or gathering.

Large upscale weddings, corporate meetings and other social gatherings noteworthy of media attention should engage a professional special events security service.

  • Monitoring ticketed patrons
  • Pre- and post-event equipment security
  • Uniformed presence and foot patrols
  • Vendor access control
  • Consulting and security risk evaluation
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