Meet Our People

Lieutenant Stallings-Acres is from Rocky Mount, NC.  She moved to Raleigh 14 years ago and began working as a Correctional Officer within the prison system. Three years ago, she came to work for York Security. She started as an on-call Security Officer, gradually working her way up to Sergeant, and then Lieutenant. She is now responsible for training all of our new field officers and tells us, believe it or not, it is sometimes easier to train someone with no security experience at all than someone coming to the company with a background in security.

Lieutenant Stallings-Acres says it is important to her to keep up a positive image and be a role model for the junior staff and officers.  She says she has benefited from lots of support from upper management and she wants to do the same for others. She tells people, “I have an open door policy. You can talk to me about anything.”

In her downtime, Lieutenant Stallings-Acres enjoys spending time with her family, shopping, and traveling.

We are so glad to have Lieutenant Stallings-Acres on our Team!