Meet Our People

Patty Friedman is the newest member of our Property Management team. She moved to the Triangle from Denver, Colorado (where she worked in commercial real estate) in January of 2020 and came to work for us in an administrative position. Fast-forward 18 months later, Patty now holds a North Carolina Real Estate License and works with a portfolio of properties, including Capital Apartments, Transfer Food Hall, and Greystone Shopping Center.

Patty enjoys volunteering with the North Carolina Museum of Art and the American Red Cross. She loves to cook, travel, and enjoy the arts. One of her favorite quotes is, “Failure to prepare is preparing to fail.”

When asked about her job, Patty says, “I love and am proud of working at York. Everyone is truly a team and we enjoy each other. It is a wonderful work environment. What I enjoy about property management is the challenge of solving problems and working with people. Every day brings something new.”

We are so happy to have Patty here!

Meet Our People

Gardenia joined York in 2016 as an assistant to the Marketing Department. She is now Senior Marketing Specialist and a licensed North Carolina Real Estate Broker. She works closely with our Retail team, representing Landlords and Tenants in the Triangle market.
Gardenia is a skilled communicator, fluent in both Spanish and English. She has a degree in marketing from North Carolina State University and is a notary public.
When asked what she enjoys about her job she says:


“My favorite aspect of working at York Properties is that I am surrounded by honest, supportive, highly driven, and successful people who genuinely care about those they work with and the community in which they live.”