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York’s Partnership with the Sansom Family

Published January 26, 2024 by Salem Barcus

We were delighted to have Julian Sansom-Goodman, local senior at Enloe High School, intern with us last summer and assist the brokerage. Enloe’s academy design club required students to complete 120 hours of intern work to supplement the club’s learning objectives and we were happy to offer Julian that opportunity with us.

Julian’s first choice for college this fall is Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia, where he hopes to receive a baseball scholarship. Julian would be the third generation of his family to attend. He is planning to major in business administration.

Our relationship with the Sansom family goes back many years. Julian’s grandfather, Joseph Sansom (pictured), has partnered with our company on several business deals. One of the most notable of which is managing Southgate Plaza, a popular shopping center in southeast Raleigh.

Joseph worked at IBM for many years after graduating college. During that time, he was also drafted to serve in the army. Joseph later retired from IBM and became the first Black N.C. Deputy State Treasurer. He has been involved with Mechanics & Farmers Bank throughout his professional career and is currently Chairman of the Raleigh City Advisory Board.

The goal of Mechanics & Farmers Bank is to serve the community by providing essential services as a full-service commercial bank. M&F Bank was founded in 1907 and is the second oldest minority-owned bank in the US.

Joseph’s long term hopes for his working relationship with York is to continue serving the community for years to come and expanding the business throughout Raleigh. His favorite part of being business partners with us is collaborating with the creative and open-minded people on our team.