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Union Special; One Year Old and Going Strong

Published September 3, 2020 by Brooke

Andrew Ullom, baker and owner of Union Special Bread set out to make edible nostalgia while still giving back to the community, and he is doing just that.

How did this all start? After attending culinary school where Andrew discovered a love of breads, he opted for a baking apprenticeship. His first bakery internship was at a bakery for a large hotel and his path was set. Eventually he became the executive pastry chef for Ashely Christensen. After seven years at AC Restaurants, Andrew decided it was time to realize his vision of a community-driven bakery and restaurant.

One of the biggest hurdles was getting it open. Hundreds of idea pitches followed by two years of planning and building finally made Union Special a reality in 2018.   Andrew’s original goal remains the same: to make an accessible gathering place with delicious familiar food that will lead to conversation and community building.

Flash forward, Union Special recently celebrated its one-year anniversary with a Birthday Dinner to benefit SAFEchild. With a huge turnout and the busiest day ever, Andrew says that it was a great testament of where the business will go.